Looking for ways to help stop phone use before you go to sleep?

Not getting high quality sleep due to social media use and your device before bed addiction?

Discover how to overcome this ‘Device Before Bed’ Addiction using the principles from Atomic Habits…
  1. TRIGGER/CUE: Set a deadline (approx 1 hour before you go to bed) and use this as your trigger for stopping all device usage.

  2. DESIRE/CRAVING: You need to do research on how bad device use is on your brain just before bed. It’s actually been shown that it reduces the quality of your sleep, and high quality sleep repairs the mild brain damage we take on each day (go read recent sleep science research). Your desire to protect your brain and it’s performance needs to outweigh the need to get a social media dopamine hit.

  3. BEHAVIOUR: When it’s time, put your phone on airplane mode, recharge it and put it somewhere out of sight and hard to get to. (My wife and I keep our phones on the kitchen bench so by 9pm when out deadline is – they are on the bench charging in the other room, whilst we are on the couch talking.)

  4. REWARD: Give yourself significance for protecting your brain, and getting a better night’s sleep. Celebrate. Pat yourself on the back. Tell me and I’ll celebrate with you. You are doing what most people never have the courage to do. Be proud of yourself.🤩
The secret 5th step… based on my own insights and experience is…
Atomic Habits 4 steps to overcome a device addiciton

"Be kind to yourself if you don't get it right the first few times."

Don’t give in. 1% better might not be detectable at first, so keep working on it because it’s worth it. Progress, Not perfection.

To learn more about How to improve your sleep, we recommend you check out Matthew Walker’s book, Why We Sleep or his interview with Joe Rogan or even his interview with Andrew Huberman.
If you want to have the Super Learning Experience inspired by the book, Atomic Habits check out the Booknotic version here.

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