Unlock Your Mind’s Potential: Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth Books

neuroplasticity personal growth books blog post image

Have you ever considered how neuroplasticity and personal growth books can be combined and intertwined? Do you find yourself captivated by personal growth books but struggle to apply their wisdom to your life?  You’re not alone. Many people face challenges when trying to extract and implement the valuable lessons found within these books.  The key […]

4 Steps to Overcome The Device Before Bed Addiction Using Atomic Habits Principles.

Atomic Habits 4 steps to overcome a device addiciton

Looking for ways to help stop phone use before you go to sleep? Not getting high quality sleep due to social media use and your device before bed addiction? Discover how to overcome this ‘Device Before Bed’ Addiction using the principles from Atomic Habits…   TRIGGER/CUE: Set a deadline (approx 1 hour before you go to […]